Some common (and hopefully useful) algorithms

The travelling community nurse problem (aka the Travelling Salesman Problem)

Genetic algorithms 1. A simple genetic algorithm

Exploring the best possible trade-off between competing objectives: identifying the Pareto Front

Crowding distances: selecting solutions when too many multi-objective solutions exist

Genetic Algorithms 2 – a multiple objective genetic algorithm (NSGA-II) (Code Only)

Interactive charts with HoloViews and Bokeh

A basic example of creating an interactive plot with HoloViews and Bokeh

Miscellaneous Python

Parallel processing across CPU cores

Function decorators

Speed up Python by 1,000 times or more using numba!

Passing arguments to Python from the command line (or other programs)

Parallel processing functions and loops with dask ‘delayed’ method

Design Patterns

Other resources

Open Data Sets for Machine Learning

Open data travel distances and times for all England lower super output areas (LSOA) to all acute hospitals

Just for fun

A game of pong