HSMA Python Training May 2018

Hopefully you have all installed Anaconda Python by now (https://www.anaconda.com/download/).

Please also download and unzip the following three folders (follow the links and click on download).


py files

jupyter notebooks


The home page of pythonhealthcare.org also  has an index of pages on particular topics, and this is being regular expanded.

We will also be looking at problems posted on https://projecteuler.net/. You will not need access on the day of training but you might like to register for access to have a go at some of the problems after the training.

We’ll also introduce you to https://www.kaggle.com/ . Here there are fun machine learning projects. There are also real life competitions which can have prizes of $100,000 or more! But mostly there are learning exercises which you might like to try after after the second day of the Python training. There is no need to register here for the training, but if you enjoy using Python you might like to have a go at some challenges here – people usually start with the Titanic problem of predicting who survived the sinking of the Titanic.