Free for NHS – mentored training in Python for Healthcare Data Science and Modelling

The Health Service Modelling Associates (HSMA) Programme is an initiative in which staff working in health, social care and policing organisations can access free online training in modelling, simulation and AI techniques targeted at their applications areas. Staff are released for a day a week for 1 year. In the first 3 months, they receive 140 hours of live online training. They then pitch project ideas that use their new skills to tackle an issue of importance for their organisation. Selected projects receive 9 months of mentoring support from expert modelling and data science academics and practitioners. Previous HSMA projects have led to £multi-million investments in new services, and significant career progression for those taking part.

The programme teaches skills in :

– Python and R programming (no prior knowledge of programming required)

– Discrete Event Simulation using SimPy for modelling pathway and queuing problems

– Network Analysis and System Dynamics for modelling whole systems

– Geographic modelling and visualisation techniques for dealing with location issues

– Cellular Automata and Agent Based Simulation using MESA for modelling behaviour

– Artificial Intelligence approaches, such as Machine Learning to teach machines to make decisions, and Natural Language Processing to extract information from free text data

– Forecasting methods to make predictions about the future

All the approaches taught are completely Free and Open Source.

HSMA 4 launches in October 2021 and, for the first time ever, is open to anyone working in health, social care or policing organisations anywhere in England. If you’re interested in the programme, you can find out more about it here :

In addition, if you are an existing Operational Research or Data Science academic or practitioner, and would be interested in accessing the training and then providing mentoring support in the programme, please also register your interest at the link above.

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